Japanese Pottery Hobby in Vietnam

The hobby of hunting for pottery, especially Japanese pottery, has never lost its appeal among modern women. For them, diving into stacks of pottery and finding a favorite plate or bowl brings immense joy.

Especially as the year-end approaches, women are increasingly enthusiastic about buying pottery to decorate their homes. One of the vibrant playgrounds that Saigon’s women often visit is a second-hand pottery shop, where pottery is sold by weight.

Just as fashion expresses one’s personality, small items like plates, bowls, and cups reflect a part of one’s lifestyle. Many people often think that playing with pottery is only for the wealthy and that it should be played with high-end, exquisite items. However, this hobby is not about how much you spend on pottery but about how passionate you are about it.

Japanese pottery products are spread throughout the floor in a shop in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Maria Meza

Aside from ordering high-end sets of plates and cups, personally selecting and examining items with your own hands is always favored by many women. So, for a long time, for many people, choosing to go pottery shopping by weight satisfies their passion at an affordable price.

This “bulk” pottery shopping hobby has existed for a long time. Some people simply enjoy finding items that suit their home decorations, while others opt for bulk pottery as it is more affordable than buying new items.

Pottery items in these shops are collected from various sources. Therefore, with perseverance in searching through piles and baskets, you can often find beautiful antique pottery or pieces from well-known brands by examining the logos. As some people share, “The more elaborate and complex the logo, the higher the chance.” Of course, these “antique, branded” items are not as expensive as rare collectibles but simply hold their true value, ranging from a few hundred thousand to a few million, due to the overlooked selection process at the shop. And that is the most thrilling pleasure for pottery enthusiasts when they start their hunting journey, exploring the origins of each item they acquire.

Pottery enthusiasts themselves have to acknowledge this fact. It is difficult to own unique teapots, kitchenware, vases, trays, etc., at an affordable price. Some addicts have spent several million to tens of millions to bring home unique pieces, while others have to restrain themselves from purchasing their favorite items due to the high cost. This problem is entirely solved when they turn to pottery sold by weight. The community of women easily hunts for hot, rare, and even antique models.

This hobby effectively helps women relieve stress. Shopping has long been an effective therapy for women, and pottery enthusiasts are no exception. When selecting pottery, you immerse yourself in a space full of various sizes and materials of pottery.

Currently, there are many pottery shops selling by weight in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. All you have to do is choose the pottery items you like and bring them to the counter for weighing and payment.

Prices may vary depending on the location, with an average range of 60,000-200,000 VND per kilogram. If buying a new set of dishes would undoubtedly cost at least 1 million VND, with bulk pottery, you can purchase several sets of teapots and cups, or even 1-2 ceramic vases, for the same price.

Stepping into second-hand pottery shops gives you the feeling of entering a new space, leaving behind the noise outside. Once inside, you only think about how to find beautiful items that suit your family’s space.

Maria Meza

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